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in the pokecave you have to find the rare pearl

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Q: Where do you get steel wing in Pokemon Pearl?
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Where do you get the TM for steel wing in Pokemon soulsilver?

on your way to mount silver there is a house that you go in and they give steel wing.

How do you get TM steel wing in Pokemon diamond?

On route 209

What is Skarmorys best attack in Pokemon firered?

Steel: Steel Wing Flying: HM Fly

How do you get a steel ball Pokemon pearl?

You gotta dig it up (underground.)

What type Is weak to steel type in Pokemon Pearl?

ice and rock

What type is heatran in Pokemon Pearl?

Heatran is a Fire / Steel type

What Pokemon appear on pearl when you insert sapphire to your ds lite?

different types of Pokemon like you can't get a dialga in pearl it is STEEL\dragon type and palkia is WATER\dragon type so maybe steel Pokemon may appear!

How dO you get the lunar wing in Pokemon pearl and diamond with out an action replay?

You can't; unless you attended the event.

What is the Pokemon skarmorys best move?

That would be steel wing. If you need questions abt Pokemon anymore my profile is PokemonLover286

Which Pokemon is there in the egg given by riley in Pokemon pearl?

The Pokemon is Riolu, types fighting and steel and prevolved form of Lucario.

What is the weakness of ice type in Pokemon Pearl?

Ice type Pokemon in Pokemon Pearl are weak to fighting type moves, rock type moves steel type moves and fire type moves. This has not changed since the first generation (Pokemon Red and Blue/Green) when the steel type did not exist.

How do you get regi steel on Pokemon pearl?

If you Have a 11th movie regiggiggas you can find him in i rand island