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You can't; unless you attended the event.

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Q: How dO you get the lunar wing in Pokemon pearl and diamond with out an action replay?
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You have the members card but you cant get in the inn on diamond?

You require a door key, which is obtained via Action Replay.

What is the action replay code for the lunar wing in Pokemon platinum?

you do not need the action replay code. lunar wing has no use but to cure the sailor's son. It only works after full moon island is unlocked, so getting it before would be pointless as you cannot sell it, and spoils your chance to meet creselia

Why is the Lunar Wing I got with my action replay items code not working I did beat the Elite Four also and yet it still doesn't wake the boy?

that code is fake i looked it up on my Pokemon book

What is the action replay code for the lunar knights cards in Megaman Starforce Dragon?

It is that all boys should turn into girls

How you get to new moon island on dimand?

use the action replay[ with the walk throu cheat] and run right of where creselia is on lunar island

How do you get to full moon in Pokemon Diamond without action replay in Pokemon Diamond?

To get to Fullmoon Island, you will have to meet some requirements: 1. Beat the Elite Four + the Champion. 2. Fly to Canalave City and go to Sailor Eldritch's (or whatever) house (located nearest to the ship). 3. Talk to the mother until they stop. 4. Go to the ship and go to Fullmoon. 5. You have arrived at Fullmoon Island. (There is more!) 6. If you didn't, go walk till you end up at an entrance at the end. You will meet Cresselia, a Psychic Pokemon that was holding the Lunar Wing that the Sailor was talking about. 7. Go back to Canalave and go to the house again. 8. The boy has awakened! End of Fullmoon. (There's even more!) The boy was talking about a Pokemon in his sleep called Darkrai. Darkrai is a Pokemon which in order to get it, you will either need Action Replay, or go to an event on Mystery Gift. Hope that help for some people!

What do you do after you get the Lunar Wing?

After getting the Lunar Wing in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl or Platinum you can take it to Canalave City. In Canalave city is a NPC called Eldritch who is the same one who took you to Fullmoon Island. Giving Eldritch the Lunar Wing will wake his son from his nightmares.

What is the lunar pier in Pokemon Platinum?

There is no such thing as lunar pillar in Pokemon platinum soz =(

How do you find the boy that is having a bad dream in Pokemon diamond?

He is in Cana lave city then talk to his dad to new moon island to get the lunar wing

How do you get the lunar wing on Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

In Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl, after encountering an overworld sprite of Cresselia on Full Moon Island, she wil fly off and upon her flying off, she will drop an item behind and the item that she drops off is the Lunar Wing item.

How do get to new moon island from iron island in Pokemon pearl?

You can't from iron island but...there is another way.(I think).get lunar wing by action replay because the event is over so go to the house above the poke center in canalave and the door will open.cure the boys nightmare and then I think new moon island will be available.hope I helped!

What Pokemon does the lunar ribbon evolve?

The Lunar Ribbon does not evolve any Pokémon.