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They are hidden in grass (underwater and above water) and in rocks and walls. Press A, and you should find the shard.

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Q: Where do you get shards in Pokemon Sapphire?
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How many shards are in Pokemon sapphire?

There are an infinite amount of shards that you can get from wild Pokemon and limited ones you can find under the sea in rocks or above in rocks.

Where are blue shards in Pokemon sapphire?

You can find different colored shards when you dive. When you see little dark spots on the bottom of the ocean they're items.

Where are the red shards in Pokemon Sapphire?

Red Shards can be found randomly in Dive Spots (the dark patches on the sea, in case you didn't know) on things such as rocks, or crators.

What does yellow shard do?

Yellow Shards and the other color shards are used for trading with NPCs for items or moves. For example in Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald they are the main source of evolution stones.

What is a red shard near in Pokemon sapphire?

all the shards for trading are found in the area west of Mossdeep in dive spots

What are red shards used for?

If you mean Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire or Emeraldm, they can be traded with a hunter on an island halfway between Lilycove City and Mossdeep City. Pokemon Platinum shards are used to tutor moves to Pokemon on Route 212, Snowpoint City, and the Survival Area.

What is the green shard used for in Pokemon sapphire?

The green shard can be traded for a leaf stone if you talk to the Treasure Hunter on Route 124. Any shards can be traded in for an evolution stone. Yellow Shards = Thunderstones Blue Shards = Water Stones Red Shards = Fire Stones Green Shards = Leaf Stones However there are no shards that allow you to receive a Moon Stone.

Where are leafstones found in Pokemon Sapphire?

You obtain Leaf Stones by first searching the Pokemon world for green shards. You may then trade those green shards to the Diving Treasure Hunter, who is located at the southeastern end of Route 124 (near Mossdeep City). There are many shards to be found in areas that can be explored with HM Dive.

What is the the shards for in diamond?

Yes there are shards in Pokemon diamond

Pokemon pearl what do shards do?

Shards are different stons.

What colors are all shards in Pokemon platnium?

The color shards you can find in Pokemon Platinum are Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow Shards.

Where can you buy shards in Pokemon ruby?

They can't be bought. You can find them underwater, or attached to wild pokemon. Chinchou have yellow shards, Clamperl have blue shards, Relicanth have green shards and Corsola have red shards.