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they ay u get it in the battle frontier or breed with someone who does know it

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Q: Where do you get rock slide in emerald?
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Where to get rock slide in emerald?

In emerald, rock slide can't be obtained. But it ca be learned by rock - type Pokemons such as Geodude. Maybe there's a TM, or cheat to buy one.

How do you get Rock Slide move in Pokemon Emerald?

Sorry but there is no "Rock Slide" move available in Pokémon Emerald. It was available in the Pokémon Diamond and earlier.

Pokemon emerald what level is aggron going to learn rock slide?

Aggron doens't learn rock slide in this version

Will anyone teach your pokemon rock slide in Pokemon Emerald?

A move tutor in the Battle Frontier will teach one of your Pokemon Rock Slide. It costs 48 BP to do so.

Where is TM rock slide in Pokemon Emerald?

rockslide is not a TM in Pokemon rse but u can get it in battle frontier from a move tutor only in emerald idk about rs

What moves should Magcargo know for the Battle Frontier in Emerald?

Flamethrower Rock Slide Earthquake Body Slam

Is emerald a metamorphic rock?

Emerald is a mineral, not a rock.

What is the birth name of Emerald Amber Rock?

Emerald Amber Rock's birth name is Rock, Amber Emerald.

Is ice rock in Pokemon emerald?

No - Ice Rock is not in Pokémon Emerald.

What level does Pikachu learn rock slide?

Pikachu does not learn Rock Slide from level. I think that you have to teach it Rock Slide.

What is a large mass of fallen rock?

A rock slide or land slide

What is a good offense moveset inPokemon Emerald for Aggron?

If you want only offensive moves these are the best choice: Shadow Ball, Brick Break, Earthquake, Rock Slide.