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In Eterna City

Go to the house next to the Team Galactic HQ

And they sell revival herbs

P.S. It restores the Pokemon's health and heals any status problem.

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Q: Where do you get revival herbs in platinum?
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Where can you get revival herbs in HeartGold?

In the Goldenrod city tunnel, there is a lady behind a counter. You can buy all sorts of herbs from her.

Can you find revival herbs in Pokemon Black and White?

Yes , you can buy them from the driftveil market

Where do you get revival herbs Pokemon pearl?

In the Herb Shop. (I forgot where it was sorry, I think it was Pastoria or maybe Hearthome I'm not sure)

What do you do if it does not let you buy the revival herb in Pokemon platinum?

get lots of money and keep asking [hope this helps!]

Where can you get a max revive on Pokemon black?

im not shure where exactly to get a max revives but i do know that you can get revival herbs at driftveil city. at the driftveil market

Why do you get the herbs?

In Eterna CityGo to the house next to the Team Galactic HQAnd they sell revival herbsP.S. It restores the Pokemon's health and heals any status problemRead more: Where_do_you_get_revival_herbs_in_platinum

Where can you buy a max revive in platium?

you cant buy max revive. but you can buy revival herbs in eterna city the next house by galactic building. sorry for my bad English! :(

Where is the revival herb shop in platinum?

It is in the top right corner of Eterna City it is in the house with dude in it. WHERE IS IT IN PLATINUM In the same house not in Celestic town like every one says.

How do you improve your Pokémon's happiness in Platinum?

Your Pokemon's happiness can increase by doing the following:Capture it with a Luxury BallMake it hold a Soothe BellKeep your Pokemon in your party for long periods (its happiness will increase marginally every 256 steps)Take your Pokemon to get massages in Castelia City every dayUse vitamins such as Zinc and ProteinLevel up your PokemonDon't allow your Pokemon to faintRefrain from giving your Pokemon bitter medicine such as Energy Roots or Revival Herbs

How do you beat Cyrus in Pokemon platinum?

Use a lot of Revival Herbs and/or revives Philosopher2923: Okay here is how u really do it. For houndor, use empolon or quagsie(any water Pokemon works). For garados, use a electric Pokemon(rotom is reccomended). For weavle, use fighting(lucario is what I used). For honkarow use electric(electribuzz or rotom if still alive). And for crowbat use electric or bug(revive you electrics). Hope it helps

What is shunos super revival?

Shuno's super revival is Jampshen

When was Revival FM created?

Revival FM was created in 2006.