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It's a preety easy place to find. Go where you got the team rocket uniform for the main story quest. If you don't remember or didn't get that far, go to the gym and head west past the mystic's home and you'll see a square building with a little break on it. go in and head down the stairs. Head down the hallway(you'll need to battle trainers and then you'll see a lady who seels herbs. Hope this helps.

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Q: Where can you buy revival herbs in heartgold?
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Where can you get revival herbs in HeartGold?

In the Goldenrod city tunnel, there is a lady behind a counter. You can buy all sorts of herbs from her.

Can you find revival herbs in Pokemon Black and White?

Yes , you can buy them from the driftveil market

Where can you buy a max revive in platium?

you cant buy max revive. but you can buy revival herbs in eterna city the next house by galactic building. sorry for my bad English! :(

Where do you get revival herbs in platinum?

In Eterna City Go to the house next to the Team Galactic HQ And they sell revival herbs P.S. It restores the Pokemon's health and heals any status problem.

Where can you buy herb in Pokemon Silver?

You can buy herbs in Cianwood City. Surf there from Olivine City and search for the building with herbs outside. You can buy herbs from the guy with the glasses.

Where do you get revival herbs Pokemon pearl?

In the Herb Shop. (I forgot where it was sorry, I think it was Pastoria or maybe Hearthome I'm not sure)

Where can you get a max revive on Pokemon black?

im not shure where exactly to get a max revives but i do know that you can get revival herbs at driftveil city. at the driftveil market

How do you get pokeballs on Pokemon HeartGold?

In order to get PokéBalls in "Pokémon HeartGold," you just have to go to the PokéMart and buy them from there.

Where can you buy Revival Soy?

Revival Soy can be purchased through online retailers such as Physicians Pharmaceuticals. Physicians Pharmaceuticals is the company that that created the product.

Where is the best place to buy Revival Soy Protein Drink?

Where can you buy Pokemon HeartGold?

You can buy it at GameStop, BestBuy, or Toys R Us.

Where can you buy HeartGold and soul silver?

well now you can buy it at gamestop for about $40