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do not count on me telling you

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Q: Where do you get remoraid in Pokemon emerald?
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What is the evolve of remoraid in Pokemon emerald?

remoraid will evolve into octillery at level 25.

How do you get a remoraid in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Trade with Emerald.

How do you get a remoraid on Pokemon diamond?

Migrate one from Emerald.

Which safari zone area you can get remoraid in Pokemon emerald?


Where can you catch remoraid on Pokemon Sapphire?

You must trade one from emerald or colosseum.

What is a remoraid in Pokemon diamond?

Remoraid is a pokemon(water type)

When does remoraid evolution on Pokemon Emerald?

it involves at level 25 ive got remoraid we can trade just give me your friend code!!

What type is remoraid?

Remoraid is a water type Pokemon

Can you catch remoraid on Pokemon emerald?

Yes. On Route 44 fish for it. It's pretty rare though.

Where is remoraid in sapphire?

In Sapphire you can only obtain a Remoraid by trading with someone. Remoraid can be found in Emerald in the safari zone on the bottom right by fishing.

What rare pokemon can you get in leafgreen?

these Pokemon are only obtainable in leaf green not in fire red/ruby/sapphire/emerald: Slowpoke Sneasle Misdrearvus Remoraid they are pritty needed for a perfect team

What are all the Pokémon yu can get in the safari zone on pokemon emerald after beatin the elite four?

You get some of the Jhoto region pokemons such as stantler, shellos, remoraid, etc.