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They are in the gift shop catalog located in the gift shop.

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Q: Where do you get puffle hats on club penguin?
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What are puffle hats?

puffle hats are hats that your pet puffle on club penguin can wear. most puffle hats are for members only, but if you have an account on club penguin you can see for yourself.

How do you get clothes for your puffle on club penguin?

You can't get clothes, but hats are available in the puffle shop.

What puffle wears what hat on club penguin?

the puffles on club penguin can wear differant hats my puffle rocky is a red puffle who wears a princess hat -Quackandme

How do you disquise yourself as a puffle on club penguin?

hello you can buy puffle hats in the catolouges sometime or if you have penguin storm you can go to edit and turn into a puffle. i really hope i helped.

How do you dress a puffle on club penguin?

You would have to go to the gift shop and look for a catalog and sometimes they sell clothes or hats for your puffle

Where do you buy puffle hats on club penguin online?

you either have to be a member, or you have to go to a puffle party which is held every one in a while

Is the white puffle the rarest in Club Penguin?

No, the white puffle is not the rarest puffle on Club Penguin.

What was the 1st puffle in Club Penguin?

The first Puffle introduced on Club Penguin was the Blue Puffle. This Puffle was available to all Club Penguin users, including non-members. Also, the second Puffle on Club Penguin was the Red Puffle. This Puffle was brought by the notorious Captain Rockhopper, a celebrity on Club Penguin. They are a special breed of Puffle, originating from Rockhopper Island. This Puffle too, was available to all Club Penguin users.

Where on Club Penguin can you enter puffle shows?

There are no puffle shows on club penguin but there is a puffle party coming.

Where is rockhoppers puffle on Club Penguin?

Rockhopper's puffle is a red puffle on club penguin and is named Yarr

Where in club penguin can you buy clothes for your puffles?

You can buy clothes for your puffle in the pet shop. In the catalog, but just hats!

Is there a diamond puffle for Club Penguin?

there is not a diamond puffle for club penguin I'm Hermione2002