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You cant get it there at the safari zone for leargreen and firered. Its just at the building where the team rocket is at. The building on saffron. A Guy will just give you lapras for free at the 7th floor.

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Q: Where do you get lapras in the safari zone?
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Is lapras in the safari zone in Pokemon ruby?

No, you'll need to trade for it.

What level of silphco do you get the lapras on?

You dont get lapras in silph co, You can get it from the basement of union cave on fridays or the safari zone by surfing

How do you get lapras in HeartGold?

its rare in the safari zone in the water at the mtn. land scape

Where do you get lapras in Pokemon Soul Silver?

Go to the safari zone when you are able to customize the safari zone and go to the rocky beach and surf in the water until you see a lapras, OR, you could wait until Friday and go to the union cave where lapras will be at level 20 I hope I haved helped.

Can you get a lapras on Pokemon HeartGold?

yeah, you get them in the safari zone by surfing in the rocky beach area

When can you catch lapras in HeartGold?

You can find it in water in the Safari Zone. It's on the Rocky Beach Area.

What level does Lapras learn Surf?

Lapras can't learn surf through leveling you have to use HM3 which can be acquired at the end of the Safari Zone in Fuscia City.

Where do you find a lapras in soul silver?

you find lapras in the safari zone ROCKY BEACH setting. surf in the water and you wil find lapras.they are very easy to find.

How do you get Lapras in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Lapras can be found on Friday every in Union Cave on Fridays.Lapras can be found in Union Cave every Friday. It will be swimming deep within the cave. Lapras can also be found in Safari Zone.

How do you catch lapras?

In Heart Gold/Soul Silver, you can get it in the "Rocky Beach" section, (found by using the Area Customizer in the Safari Zone). The Safari Zone, is on the far left side of the map. In platinum, I'm not sure. Sorry. If someone knows Lapras's EXACT location in Platinum, please "improve" this answer.

How do you obtain water items for safari zone soul?

you just have to keep waiting and the safari guy will keep phoning you and by the way the lapras you can catch is amazing mine is now level 94 hope i helped

How do you get a Lepras on soul silver?

It's Lapras, and you can get one every Friday inside the Union Cave once you know Surf or you can find them in the Safari Zone once it opens.