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well your gonna have to wait until you get FLY so you can get lapras..when that happens just fly back to Azalea town and walk back to the Union Cave which is the back of the union cave..when you speak to the boy who tell you about lapras keep going left then turn down & surf then head down the steps where you'll see poke maniac Andrew keep going then surf again & jump on land where you'll see poke Maniac Calvin head down the steps towards the middle & surf down then make a left & jump on land where you'll see Ace Trainer Gwen go down the steps & keep going where you'll see Ace Trainer Emma now come down just a bit now surf towards the middle & lapras should be right there sitting peacefully SAVE in front of her then battle & catch her...glad to direct you through the Union Cave use your escape rope to leave the cave after your Pokemon catch.. Are you sure that this is for Pokemon silver version and not soul silver

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Q: Where do you get lapras in Pokemon Silver?
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Which is better poliwhirl or lapras in Pokemon soul silver?


Were can you find Lapras in Pokemon silver?

Union Cave

What days does the lapras come out in Pokemon silver?


What Pokemon do ash have on heartgold in mt silver?

Pikachu Lapras Snorlax

What Pokemon does misty have in soul silver?

Golduck, Quagsire, Lapras, and Starmie.

What level does lapras learn sheer cold in Pokemon soul silver?


How do you find Lapars in Uionin Cave on SoulSilver?

you cannot get lapras in pokemon soul silver

What Pokemon evolves into lapras?

in pikachu's jukebox i saw a pokemon evolves into lapras i was not able to see what pokemon that was

Where is ash in Pokemon Soul Silver?

He's on top of Mt. Silver. He has pikachu, charizard, venasuaur, blastoise, lapras and snorlax.

What type of Pokemon is lapras?

I believe lapras is a water and ice Pokemon

How is this team for Pokemon soul silver Typhlosion Skarmory Lapras Magneton Jynx What should i have for my 6th Pokemon?

HO-OH, for sure

How do you find a LAPRAS in Pokemon Diamond?

you need a cheat that can catch a trainer's Pokemon to have lapras. because there is a trainer that has a lapras.