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You can't get a TM of it.

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Q: Where do you get dynamic punch in Pokemon pearl?
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Does aipom learn focus punch in Pokemon Pearl?

yes, it dose learn focus punch in pokemon pearl.

Where do you get thunder punch in Pokemon pearl?

There is no TM for thunder punch.

Where do you get dynamic punch in Pokemon FireRed?

As you are about to enter Cerulean City, You will see 2 men standing in a clearing, facing each other. One of the men teaches a pokemon in your party "Dynamic Punch", the other teaches your pokemon "Dynamic Kick".

How do you get focus punch in Pokemon Pearl?

Your Pokemon learn it from levelling up

How do you get punch in Pokemon pearl?

If it's lucky punch you're after then you will find them on wild happinys.

Where do you teach Pokemon dynamic punch in platinum?

There are move tutors in certain versions that will teach Pokemon Thunder Punch.

Where do you get the TM thunder punch Pokemon pearl?

You can't. Only in the second generation (gold, silver, crystal) it's TM41. In Diamond and Pearl is their no Thunder Punch TM. You can learn Thunder Punch in Pokemon Platinum from the Move Tutor.

What are alakazams best moves in Pokemon diamond?

phychic, hynosis,dreameater,dynamic punch

Fire punch in Pokemon Pearl?

beat the elite four 100 times to get fire, ice, and thunder punch all at once

How do you get a dido on Pokemon pearl?

If this isn't a joke, I'm going to punch some babies.

Were do you teach swampert dynamic punch in Pokemon soul silver?

You can only teach it in Emerald with a move tutor sorry :(

Where do you find the TM dynamic punch in Pokemon ruby?

it is in mossdeep city. there is a black belt who lost to the gym leader.