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I just put in a dollar to play the Dinosaur King arcade game, and the card I received happened to be Deinonychus.

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Q: Where do you get deinonychus on dinosaur king?
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Is deinonychus a bipedal dinosaur?

Yes. Deinonychus was a biped.

How do you get pachycephalosaurus and deinonychus on dinosaur king ds?

you have to beat dr.z and get the masters drill and they are in n.america!

What dinosaur begins with d?

· Deinonychus · Dicraeosaurus

Which dinosaur's name means 'terrible claw'?

Deinonychus antirrhopus

What are the release dates for Dinosaur Train - 2009 Derek the Deinonychus Don's Dragonfly?

Dinosaur Train - 2009 Derek the Deinonychus Don's Dragonfly was released on: USA: 30 September 2009

Was Deinonychus a flying reptile?

No. Deinonichus was a feathered dinosaur incapable of flight.

On Dinosaur kings how do you get the secret dinosaurs?

megalodon, deinonychus, pachycephalosaurus, fukuisaurus, fukuiraptor, gastonia, charonosaurus can only be gained from Japanese download events. But if anyone knows how to get a Japanese dinosaur king ds ROM we could easily get them...

What part of Deinonychus's body gave the dinosaur its name?

The name Deinonychus means "Terrible Claw". Like many Dromaeorsauridae it has a large inner claw on its foot.

What carinvore was called the terrible claw?

dinosaur that has been caled the terrible claw is deinonychus

How many eggs did a Deinonychus lay?

A nest of the dinosaur Deinonychus has never been found. However, one specimen supposedly brooding a single egg has been found. Analysis of the egg indicates that it probably belonged to the Deinonychus. Its size is extremely close to an Oviraptor egg and Deinonychus itself is of a similar size to that dinosaur. Citipati has known nest clutches numbering ~20 eggs. Furthermore, a nest supposed to be of a Troodont dinosaur (very close relatives to the Dromaeosaurs like Deinonychus) was found in Spain and numbered ~20 eggs. In short, the best guess would be around 20 eggs in a clutch.

What is a Bipedal dinosaur of the Cretaceous period?

Iguanodon, t-rex, velociraptor, deinonychus, and many others.

What type of dinosaur starts with a D?

diplodocus, deinonychus, dilophosaurus, dicraeosaurus, and probably loads more.