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you have to beat dr.z and get the masters drill and they are in n.america!

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Q: How do you get pachycephalosaurus and deinonychus on dinosaur king ds?
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On Dinosaur kings how do you get the secret dinosaurs?

megalodon, deinonychus, pachycephalosaurus, fukuisaurus, fukuiraptor, gastonia, charonosaurus can only be gained from Japanese download events. But if anyone knows how to get a Japanese dinosaur king ds ROM we could easily get them...

How do you get pachycephalosaurus on the stone circle in dinosaur king ds?

just go to south Europe no how to open the path im askean write back how do you open it i am just answering it: you have to beat dr.Z in Antarctica

How do you get awakened parasaurolophus on dinosaur king ds?

how do i get a awakened parasrolophus on dinosaur king ds game

In dinosaur king DS how do you get arrhinoceratops?

# # # # #

Dinosaur king ds what colour dot is deinonychus?

Deinonychus is found by defeating the harder to defeat Supply Alpha Cyber Troopers (The ones that can initiate Random-Mode. Note: Deinonychus is only found sometimes after battling the S.A.C.T. Droids. It's not guaranteed though.) So to answer your question, it can't be dugged out by a drill. His element? Mystic. (Or Rainbow if you prefer. Whatever I don't care what you wanna call it.)

Where can you get a dinosaur king game for DS?


Tell you the Therizinosaurus code for dinosaur king?

what is the cheat code for therizinosaurus on dinosaur king saga Nintendo ds

How do you get dinotector on dinosaur king ds?

I don't believe you can

Where do you find deltadromeus on dinosaur king ds?


How do you get megaraptor in dinosaur king ds?

you have go to anrtaca

How do you get a t-rex on dinosaur king ds game?

As fast as you can

How do you get to Australia and South America's on Dinosaur King DS?

up my bum