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Q: Where can you get a dinosaur king game for DS?
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How do you get awakened parasaurolophus on dinosaur king ds?

how do i get a awakened parasrolophus on dinosaur king ds game

How do you get a t-rex on dinosaur king ds game?

As fast as you can

How do you unlock the stone circle on ds game dinosaur king?

You need to finish the game ones .

When is the ds game dinosaur king out?

It is set to release in the US on September 23, 2008.

How many awakened dinos can you have on dinosaur king ds game?

I think there is 4 or 6

Is dinosaur king good?

It depends if you mean the DS game, the arcade game, the trading card game, the manga or the anime, and even then it's a matter of opinion. I personally love Dinosaur King, particularly the anime.

In dinosaur king DS how do you get arrhinoceratops?

# # # # #

When is dinosaur king coming out?

September 23rd for the DS game. The anime was released Sept. 9 07

On dinosaur king saga on ds were do you find a saltasouras?

On dinosaur king saga finding the location of saltasouras is the most difficult part. You must get to the very last level of the game to locate saltasouras.

Tell you the Therizinosaurus code for dinosaur king?

what is the cheat code for therizinosaurus on dinosaur king saga Nintendo ds

How do you get dinotector on dinosaur king ds?

I don't believe you can

How do you get megaraptor in dinosaur king ds?

you have go to anrtaca