Where do you get cut in FireRed?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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in fusia town where the guy is holding a gun

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Q: Where do you get cut in FireRed?
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How do you unblock The Dotted Hole in Firered?

Use cut

How do you open dotted cave in FireRed?

use cut

Where can you get cut on Pokemon?

In LeafGreen/FireRed, you get cut on the S.S Ann from the captain after beating your rival.

How do you get cut on Pokemon FireRed?

To get Cut, you must board the St. Anne and talk to the captain. he will give you Cut after the conversation.

How do you get into doted hole in Pokemon FireRed?

use cut on the door.

Can meowth learn cut FireRed?

Yes, by using the HM01.

How do you go inside dotted hole in Pokemon firered?

Cut open the door with the HM cut 01

Can you get Cut before the SS Anne in Pokemon FireRed?

no, u cant, u get cut on the s.s. anne.

What to do on SS Anne in FireRed?

you have to find the captain who will give you the cut hm

How do you get into dotted hole on pokemon firered?

you've got to use cut.

How do you unlock the door in silph corp in Pokemon FireRed?

I think with cut!!!

How do you get into the six island weird door on Pokemon firered?

Cut it. HM01.