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use cut

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Q: How do you open dotted cave in FireRed?
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Where is the braille cave in Pokemon FireRed?

dotted hole is on the south side of six island. (the sapphire is in there) a little extra info: dotted hole does have braille in it.

What cave do you get the shiny stone in FireRed?

Mt ember and dotted hole.

How do you get in the dotted cave in Pokemon FireRed?

You need to use Cut on the metal door

How do you open the Dotted Hole in Pokemon FireRed?

To open the dotted hole, use Cut at the entrance and the door should open. he is so right it does open

How to open the door at dotted hole in firered?

use cut on the front of the door.

Where is the dotted whole in FireRed?

The Dotted Hole in on Six Island. You go toward the right of the Poke Center and walk south. Follow the path which is somewhat like a maze. Use the HM move CUT to open the door and you will find a SAPPHIRE in that cave.

Were is the sapphire on Pokemon FireRed?

You can find the sapphire in the dotted hole cave on six island to find the cave go to the southern portion of the island, use Cut on the door to open it then fall down the hole in the cave then fall down the holes in this sequence: up, left, right, down.

How do you go inside dotted hole in Pokemon firered?

Cut open the door with the HM cut 01

What are the requirements to get into the sapphire cave on FireRed?

You need to have obtained the ruby, national dex and all the HM's and have saved lorelei in four islands icefall cave and go to dotted hole on six island with a Pokemon that knows cut cause you must use cut on the door to open it.

Where do you find the dotted hole in Pokemon FireRed?

It is on 6 island u use cut to open it inside is a sapphire.

Where do you find the Sapphire and rube gems on Pokemon FireRed?

the ruby is in the cave on mt. ember on one island. the sapphire is in dotted hole on six island.

How do you get through Dotted Hole in Pokemon FireRed?

Dotted Hole is not a normal cave once you fall down the first hole you must fall down the holes in a certain order and the order is: Up, Left, Right, Down.