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You can get 1st place in the bug catching contest or get an action replay and cheat. (NOTE: The evolution stones that you get for winning th B.C.C. are random.)

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Q: Where do you get a thunder stone in heart gold?
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Where do you buy the thunder stone in Pokemon heart gold?

you dont. you buy a life instead

Where do you find the thunder stone in heart and gold?

you could go to the pokealoton and trade one for points

What cheat code is to get a thunder stone in Pokemon shiny gold?

the code do be for gold shiny thunder stone cheat am 9001

How can you get a second fire stone in Pokemon Heart Gold?

win 2nd place at a bug catching competition (fire stone or thunder stone 1st place sun stone)

How long does it take you to get the Thunder stone in Pokemon Heart Gold if your a girl?

forever because dragons cant eat waffles

Where can you find a thunder stone before kanto in Pokemon heart gold?

you can get it if u have 2500p in pokeathlon and go to the athlete shop

What level does pikacu evolve at in heart and gold?

There Is No Level Restriction For Evolving Pikachu, You Must Use A Thunder Stone To Evolve One.

What is normals weakness on heart gold?


How do you get raiku on gold version?

get a pikachu and geive it a thunder stone

Where do you get a thunder stone in Pokemon Gold?

The thunder stone is used to evolve electric types of Pokémon such as Pikachu. You can get one in Gold version in the Celadon City department store.

Is heart of stone was a heart of gold a simile?

A heart of gold itself is an expression relating to someone kind. "They have a heart of gold".

Where can you get a thunder stone in Pokemon Gold?

Buy it at Celdon Dept. Store.