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Take the south route from Lavender Town and go all the way down it until it veers off a little to the left and there is a small house. The fishing guy will give you the rod.

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Q: Where do you get a super rod in Pokemon Blue?
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Where do you get a super rod on Pokemon indigo?

The Super Rod is not obtainable in Pokemon Indigo/UnovaRPG.

What is better a super rod or a great rod in Pokemon ruby?

Super rod.

What rod do you need to catch Poliwhirl and what is the best way to do it in Pokemon Blue?

Use Good or Super Rod and you can catch it at route 9 or 10

Super rod Pokemon Emerald?

The super rod is received in mossdeep city.

What is the best rod in Pokemon ruby?

super rod

Is there a mewthree in Pokemon Blue?

Of course absolutely the answer is yes you get mewtwo in the cerulean cave then give him a old rod, super rod,good rod and toss your starter Pokemon. Please believe in me cause when i do that mewtwo became mewthree!!!

What is the best rod in Pokemon Pearl?

a super rod is the best rod in Pokemon pearl/dimond/platnim

How do you get hyper rod in Pokemon Crystal?

There is no such thing as a hyper rod in Pokemon Crystal. There is, however, a super rod.

Can you make a Pokemon hold a super rod and trade it?

No, key items, of which the Super Rod is one, cannot be held by Pokemon.

What rods are in Pokemon sapphire?

Old rod, Good rod and Super rod

Where do you get the old rod in Pokemon White?

The only rod you get in pokemon white is the super rod. You get it in your house and looker will give it to you

How can I get a water pokemon in Pokemon Crystal?

I suggest you get a rod (Old rod, good rod, super rod) or find HM03 (Surf).