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go to the stage then when its the play 'The penguins that time forgot' then it will be on the 'caveman'

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Q: Where do you get a shark tooth necklace in club penguin?
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Where do you get the pearl necklace on Club Penguin?

you can get the pearl necklace at the stage

What game has a shark in on Club Penguin?

there is a shark in the ice fishing game on club penguin and the shark bites off your bait and you loose a life.

Is the shell necklace in club penguin available?


Where can you find the Clam Necklace on Club Penguin?

at the stage

Does cart surfer have a shark in it on club penguin?


What game has a shark in club penguin?

There are two games that have the shark. There is ice fishing and there is catching waves where you can see a shark

What was the first neck item in club penguin?

The dog necklace

Which of these game has a shark in it Club Penguin?

ice fishing

Does jetpack adventure have a shark in it on club penguin?

yes there is

Which game has a shark on Club Penguin?

the game "hydro hopper" has a shark in HOPED I HELPED!

What game has a shark init on club penguin?

ice fishing

How do you catch a shark on club penguin?

you cant they eat your line