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To get Lickitung in Pokemon Pearl you need the National Pokedex which you get for seeing every Pokemon in the Sinnoh Pokdex. After getting the National Pokedex talk to your rival's sister in Sandgem Town until she says Lickitung have started appearing in Acuity Lackfront. Go to Acuity Lakefront and a Lickitung should eventually appear.

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Q: Where do you get a lickitung in pearl?
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How do you catch a lickitung in Pokemon Pearl?

To catch lickitung you have to talk to dawns sister and if your lucky she mite say lickitung. It worked for me and I have breeded and made 28 lickitung s and I mite make a event to sell lickitung in pearl

How can you get a lickitung in pearl?

The Pokemon known as Lickitung is rare in the game Pokemon Pearl. It can only be caught in the wild when it is swarming near Lake Valor.

Pokemon pearl can you breed a lickitung?

Yes, either by two lickitungs, or a lickitung and a ditto. In addition, lickilily can work too.

How do you get likyliky on Pokemon pearl?

Evolve a Lickitung at Lv.34

How do you get lickylicky in pearl?

Level up Lickitung to level 33 and teach it Roll Out, then evolve it.And speaking of Lickitung, what is the answer to this question?How_do_you_get_Lickitung_besides_the_swarm_in_Lake_Valor

How do you catch a lickilicky in Pokemon Pearl?

Evolve Lickitung. Look it up.

How do you get lickitung in Pokemon pearl?

transfer! it! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! i don't even know how to get it in other games! does somebody think they could tell me how to get lickitung on sapphire!

How do you get Lickitung's evolved form?

It has to be level 40 and it needs to know Rollout. Lickitung evolves into Lickilicky when it learns the move Rollout. This is learnt naturally when Lickitung reaches level 33. Note: Lickitung will only evolve into Lickilicky in Pokemon Diamond or Pearl.

How do you get lickilicky on Pokemon Pearl?

To get Lickilicky on Pokemon Pearl you need to catch a Lickitung to evolve into a Lickilicky. Lickitung is found at Acuity Lakefront as a swarm after you get the National Pokedex. After getting a Lickitung level it to 33 and let it learn Rollout after it learns Rollout it should evolve into Lickilicky. If it doesn't evolve into Lickilicky simply level it up to 34 and it should evolve as long as it knows the move Rollout.

What is the evolution of lickitung in Pokemon pearl?

The evolved form is called Lickilicky im not kidding.

How do you catch a licktung pearl?

You have to catch Lickitung with a Swarm at Lake Valor with a Rarity of 40%.

How do you evolve Lickitung in Pokemon pearl version?

It can evolve anytime after it learns the attack "Rollout".