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in Eterna city, you will find the Underground Man. he is in his house. Talk to him, and you will get an explorer kit.

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Q: Where do you get a explorer kit in Pokemon diamond?
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Where is the explorer kit in Pokemon Emerald?

i am sorry,but there is no explorer kit in Pokemon emerald. there is an explorer kit in Pokemon diamond and pearl though.

Where do you get an explorer kit in Pokemon Black and White?

The Explorer Kit is from Diamond, Pearl and Platinum. It is not in Pokemon Black or White.

Where do you obtain a shovel in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

You can not get a shovel in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. But you can get an explorer kit to dig underground in diamond & pearl. To get a explorer kit you go to Eterna City and go to the house next to the Pokemon center. Talk to the old man in there and he will give you a explorer kit.

How do you go underground in Pokemon diamond?

use your explorer kit

Where is the thunder stone in Pokemon Diamond?

Underground use the Explorer Kit.

On Pokemon FireRed where do you get the explorer kit?

you cant that's in diamond and pearl

Can you get an explrer kit in Pokemon Black and White?

no the explorer kit is only exclusive to diamond, pearl and platinum.

How do you get anorith in Pokemon diamond?

go underground with explorer kit and get a claw fossil

How do you get a exploror kit in Pokemon Sapphire?

you cant get an explorer kit Pokemon Sapphire dosent use wi-fi you can get an explorers kit at Pokemon diamond, Pokemon pearl, Pokemon platinum and that's it :[]

Where do you get an everstone in Pokemon diamond?

you use Ur explorer kit and dig for it under ground

How do you get the explorer kit in Pokemon SoulSilver?

You don't it's only available in Diamond, Pearl And Platinum.

Where can you find a dawn stone if you have already sold them in Pokemon diamond?

In the Underground by using the Explorer Kit...