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You go to bill's house on the right side and there's is a small house.You go inside and ask Bill but you have to have a open slot for your evee.Tip:have a girl so you can breed.(In goldenrod city)

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Q: Where do you get a evee in soul silver?
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Where is umbreon in soul silver?

you have to evolve evee

Can you evolve evee into leafeon in soul silver?

no have to trade from dppt

How do you get a jolteon on Pokemon Platinum?

i have Pokemon soul-silver and i evolved my evee using a thunderstone

Who evolves using the water stone in soul silver?

Evee evolves with the water stone into Vaporeon .

How do you make a evee egg in soul silver?

To make any egg go to the Pokemon daycare and put in a ditto and the evee. There a more complex way to do it though....

How do you catch umbreon in soul silver?

you cant catch it but you can level up evee with lots of trust at midnight

How do you get evee in Pokemon Soul Silver?

do you mean Eevee. you get it by going to bills house in Goldenrod City near the bell in the water. :D

Where do you get evee in soul silver?

You get it from Bill in Goldenrod City. You have to do is talk to him in Ecruteak at the Pokecenter, then he'll go home and then you can get Eevee from him at his house in Goldenrod.

Can you get Leafeon or Glaceon in Heart Gold or SoulSilver?

No. In order to get a glaceon or leafeon in soul silver you have to trade your evee to diamond, pearl, or platinum and evolve them in their appropriate locations

How do evee evolve to leafon in soul sliver?

Sadly, the only way to get leafion in ss is to trade from platinum, pearl, or diamond. In those games, there is a special place you have to level eevee up. This place does not exist in soul silver/heart gold

How do you evolve eevee into an Espeon in soul silver?

Train evee so its friendship reaches the max level then train it one actual level it will evolve to espeon but only during the daytime.

Where do you find evee in Pokemon black version?

Eevee can only be obtain through the Dream World, trading with BW2 or transfering from Diamond/Pearl/Platinium/Heart Gold/Soul Silver.