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You buy it from the junk shop.

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Q: Where do you get a dye pot in harvest moon magical melody?
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Where do you get dye on Harvest Moon Magical Melody?

Michael sells Dye Pots, and for dye you need different colored herbs. Such as orange herb will make orange wool.

How do you make a herb tea in harvest moon magical melody?

You have to buy the Pot (Not Dye Pot or Aging Pot, just Pot) from the Junk Shop, and collect a green herb (In the mountains in the Spring-time). :)

In harvest moon magical melody what does the dye pot make?

Dyed yarn. Put in a herb or flower! JUST ONE, and put in one yarn! Presto! Just, BE AWARE: DO NOT JUST PUT IN YARN BY ITSELF OR IT WILL BE FAILED YARN!

In harvest moon magical melody how do you dye wool?

Ok, first of all, YOU CAN'T DYE WOOL. You have to put the wool in the yarn maker first. Then put the yarn and an herb into the Dye Pot and you get a colored yarn. (I believe this works with all color herbs.) Though, I believe shiny yarn gives you more money.

Where to get a dye pot on harvest moon tree of tranquility?

the dye pot comes with the yarn maker -Genevieve

Harvest moon tree of tranquility easy money At the Animal festival in spring buy silk yarn for 400g dye it blue then sell for 2100g?

HOW IS THAT EVEN A QUESTION? but that's good to know...

Harvest moon ds cute can your baby dye if you dont take care of it?

NO! of course your baby can't die but make sure you take very very good care of it or it might get ill. Remember, the baby is in your hands now be careful with it, but dont worry it wont die. BUT TAKE GOOD CARE!

How do you get a purple moon and a yellow majic seed in moshi monsters?

put the moon in purple food dye and i dont know about how to get yellow majic seed in Moshi Monsters

Riddle Sit but not stand fig but not prune No to sun but yes to moon Card but not cut dye but not wool Yes to quarter but no to full There is a pattern What can it be?

Sit: S and T are consecutive Moon: M and N are consecutive. Card: C and D are consecutive. Dye: D and E are consecutive. Quarter: Q and R are consecutive. :)

Is there a cheat code for unlimited money in harvest moon tree of tranquilty?

no there is not. but there is a sorta fast way to get a lot of money. if you have a coop and barn then buy a silkworm and a yarn maker. wait 3-4 days and there will be a cocoon. put the cocoon in the yarn maker then find a blue herb. if you cant find a blue herb then find a red herb. if not then green herb. then but the yarn in the dye pot (the dye pot comes with a yarn maker) then put a herb in then you ship it then you go to bed when ever then there you have it. money. if you keep on doing this then you will soon get rich!

What do indigo plants produce?

dye! dye! dye! dye!

How do you make orange dye in mine craft?

You harvest a cactus, and 'smelt' the cactus blocks in a furnace to create green dye.