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Custap berries are very useful items in the Pokémon universe, they were introduced in Generation IV games and are used to evolve Pokémon by elevating their level. In the Pearl version of the game they could be obtained through planted seeds that will produce fruit-bearing threes, carrying 1-5 berries each.

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Q: Where do you get a custap berry in Pokemon Pearl?
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How do you get a custap berry in Pokemon pearl?

It is possible to obtain a Custap berry in Pokemon Pearl. To get it you have to trade from Ruby, Sapphire or Emerald version.

Where do you get a custap berry in Pokemon diamond?

The Custap Berry activates when the Pokémon uses a move if the Pokémon began the turn with 25% health or less. On that turn, this Pokémon will move before other Pokémon using moves of the same priority.

How do you get X-Berry in Pokemon Pearl?

No such thing.

What does mars say after she beats berry on Pokemon Pearl?

you spelled pearl wrong

What berry weakens super effective fire type attacks in Pokemon pearl?

Occa berry.

Where is the berry master in Pokemon pearl?

east of hearthome city

In Pokemon Diamond and Pearl how many berry houses are there?

There is only one berry house throughout the whole of Pokemon diamond/pearl but there is a flower shop where you can get free berries in floaroma town.

How do you get a Pokemon to max loyalty on Pokemon Pearl?

You can do that by keep on battling with that Pokemon, or using a specific type of berry.

Where can you get a palmtre berry in pearl?

Amity Square(walk 200 steps and your Pokemon might be holding the berry)

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl what is the best bitter berry?

all of 'em

Where can you find the berry master on Pokemon pearl?

the same place as in diamond.

Where do you find hownydew berries in Pokemon pearl?

Talk to the berry master. I do not know whare he lives. He maybe will bive you the berry on Friday try your luck!