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go to the sport catalog before November 27 09 and buy it if your a member!!! :D

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Q: Where do you get a cheerleader outfit on Club Penguin?
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How do you get the cheerleader outfit club penguin game day?

You have to be a member first. Then buy it at the store

How do you get the pink cheerleader outfit on clubpenguin?

Well now you can only get it if you buy a 3-Month Membership for Club Penguin. That's the only way to get the Pink Cheer leading Outfit on Club Penguin.

How do you be a cheerleader on Club Penguin?

easy just get a cheerleader outfit from the snow and sports catalog and put ur hair like a side pony or just a pony tail And Add Me On Club Penguin If You See Me For Some Popularity Points My User Is Chub Bunny

How do you get penguin nurse outfit on Club Penguin?

it is impsebru

How do you buy the cheer leading outfit on club penguin?

seriously ....questions if club penguin..!?!

What is the code for the cheerleading outfit on club penguin?

There is no free code for the cheer leading outfit on club penguin. You unlock it buy purchasing the code or a toy with the outfit or you buy club penguin game day, purchase the item from there, and send it to your online account.

How do you unlock the Kings Outfit on club penguin?

First, buy a club penguin seires 11 toy. Then, enter the code. Last, wear the king outfit.

How do you get cheerleading clothes on Club Penguin?

Look in the sports catolog every 4 months to see if the right clothes are in there. When you look in the catolog see if the cheerleader outfit is in there! Hope this helped! Waddle on!

When you buy an outfit on club penguin do you get an action with it?


Club penguin how do you disappear with the Ninja outfit?

you wave

How do you get a scienctest outfit in Club Penguin?

Buy it bub!

How do you get Club Penguin digging outfit?

your name has to be Mubashir