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To be able to get a Jirachi doll, go into the gambling area in Marville. There you will find two tables, but go into the second (on the right). Play that game until you win 16 000 coins then go up to the counter and the lady will give you a Jirachi doll. (Note: you have to win exactly 16 000 coins, not buy them.)

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Q: Where do you get a Jirachi doll in Pokemon Emerald?
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Is there a jirachi in Pokemon Emerald?


How can you get jirachi at Pokemon Emerald?


How do you Jirachi on emerald?

Trade from Pokemon colosseum

How can you catch the Pokemon Jirachi in emerald?

find it.

How do you open jirachi's cave in meteor falls in Pokemon emerald?

There is no jirachi's cave.

Where is Jirachi in Pokemon Emerald?

Jirachi is a distrubtion pokemon that is not obtainable anymore unless by trading or cheating (gameshark)

How do you get jirachi without cheats in emerald?

you need Pokemon channel for gamecube and you get Jirachi as a bonus.

Pokemon emerald how do you get the Pokemon Jirachi?

I assume you mean jirachi. Jirachi is an event pokemon and is no longer obtainable in the U.S. through any means other than hacking.

How do you can you get Jirachi in Pokemon emerald?

you can only get jirachi by a special event, which is obviously long gone now.

Can you get Jirachi in diamond?

i think you can only catch it in Pokemon emerald.

How can you catch jirachi or go on spaceshipe in Pokemon emerald?

you have to have a chode

Is jirachi available to catch in Pokemon emerald?

No, not without cheating.