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Talk to the little girl in the berry master's house by Hearthome city

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Q: Where do you get The Berry Map on Pokemon Platinum?
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How do you buy berry juice in Pokemon platinum?

There is no berry juice in Platinum

Where do you get the enigma berry in Pokemon platinum?


What is the orange dot on the map in Pokemon platinum?

where you are

How do you get the Micle berry in Pokemon platinum without the Shamin event?

You can't get the Miracle Berry without the Shamin event.

How do you get a new map in Pokemon platinum?

you cant unless you download it

Were can you find a berry blender in Pokemon in platinum?

there isn't a berry blender in Pokemon platinum sadly. but instead of making pokeblocks you make poffins in hearthome city just look for a house near the Pokemon fanclub that says some thing like poffin maker place.

Pokemon Platinum Victory Road map?

Map of Pokemon platinum Victory Road?

same as diamond/pearl

Where can you buy pp up Pokemon Platinum?

You cannot buy PP Ups or Elixirs/Ethers in Pokemon Platinum. You can find them around the map, however.

How do you find Pokemon on the map on Pokemon Platinum?

go on their pokedex entry click area and sometimesit might have it.

What Pokemon holds the sitrus berry when you catch them in Pokemon ruby version?

No PKMN on Ruby hold that berry,but on Diamond/Pearl/Platinum, wild Furret,Linoone,and Bibarel have a five percent chance of holding it.

Can berries enhance butty in Pokemon platinum?

I assume you mean Beauty, and yes, they can. the pamtre berry increases it greatly, and the razz berry I think. However, you need to make them into poffins before your Pokemon can use them.