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It's impossible to encounter a wild Pichu in Pokemon Silver. The only way to obtain one is to Breed 2 Pikachu of different gender, or a Pikachu and a ditto, and the Pichu will hatch from their egg.

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Q: Where do you get Pichu in Pokemon Silver?
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How do you get a Pichu in Pokemon Silver?

u have to breed it with pikachu

How do you catch Pichu in Pokemon Silver?

You can't catch Pichu because you have to breed him at the Old Man or Old Lady.

Where do you find Pichu in Pokemon Silver?

The only way to get one is to breed a pikachu. The resulting egg will hatch into a pichu.

What level does Pichu evolve on Pokemon sole silver?

It evolves with friendship

Where can you find Pichu in Pokemon Silver?

You must breed a Pikachu or Raichu.

What Pokemon has a yellow body with bright red cheeks in Soul Silver?


How do you get a Pichu in Pokemon Soul Silver?

Breed Pikachu with Light Ball to get Pichu with volt tackle you can also interact in Ilex Forest

Can you catch Pichu on soul silver?

Pretty sure baby Pokemon cannot be found as field Pokemon.

Where to get a thunder stone in Pokemon Silver?

Show Bill's grandpa a Pichu, and he'll give it to you.

How do you get a Shiny Pichu In Pokemon Soul SIlver?

You get it at Gamestop, but this event is already over. Sorry guys that did not get it!

Where can you find a yellow stone in Pokemon silver?

bills grampa in kanto you have to show him a pichu or pikachu

What type of Pokemon is Pichu?

Pichu is an Electric type pokemon.