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You get it at GameStop, but this event is already over. Sorry guys that did not get it!

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Q: How do you get a Shiny Pichu In Pokemon Soul SIlver?
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What level does the shiny pighu that you get as a mystery gift evolve?

if u mean the shiny pichu from the gamestop event you evolve it with kindness.if u are getting Pokemon heart gold or soul silver then wait to evolve it

What Pokemon has a yellow body with bright red cheeks in Soul Silver?


Can you get a shiny Pokemon out of a egg in soul silver?

Yes, you can get a shiny Pokemon out of an egg on any game.

How do you get a shiny Pokemon in soul silver?

Fight tons of Pokemon or cheat

Can you catch Pichu on soul silver?

Pretty sure baby Pokemon cannot be found as field Pokemon.

Where are the shiny pokemon in soul silver?

everywhere but very rare

How do you get a Pichu in Pokemon Soul Silver?

Breed Pikachu with Light Ball to get Pichu with volt tackle you can also interact in Ilex Forest

Pokemon soul silver does anyone have a shiny charzord for trade?

yes.zach does

What is the action replay code for the notched ear Pichu for Soul Silver JP please?

there isn't one you had to get Pikachu colored Pichu at the Pokemon event and then go to the town route with that barn house thing and 3 notch pichu will appear behind the barn thing or you can just hack (i recommend you don't hack) a shiny pichu on there and use it

How can you get shiny Pokemon in soul silver?

Randomly when you run into a wild Pokemon it may have a different coloration that's a shiny Pokemon. Also a free shiny Pokemon is found in the lake of rage.

How do you get a shiny Pichu in SoulSilver?

use the poke radar in platinum,diamond,or pearl in the trophy garden and trade in to heart gold or soul silver

Where do you find a shiny latias in Pokemon soul silver?

Latias is not available in SoulSilver