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well for most texture pack websites you need something like face book or twitter

to rate them, and if you don't rate them you can't get the texture pack!

so... if you trust Google, you can just google, zelda minecraft texture packs or

mario minecraft texture packs, or (whatever you want) minecraft texture packs,

and hope you don't need something like that, or if you have what you need to them you can just do it! also i really don't know any minecraft texture pack websites! so....

i hope this helps!

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Q: Where do you get Minecraft texture packs?
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How much does minecraft texture packs cost for PC?

Texture packs are absolutly free, just search minecraft texture packs, and you can download one.

How do you get Minecraft texture packs on a laptop?

find the texture pack you want then download it and put it in the texture packs folder that it shows you on the textures packs screen on minecraft.

Where do you download texture packs for Minecraft?

Scroll down and click on "Texture packs."

Why are texture packs black and white for Minecraft?

I don't think there are any black and white texture packs for Minecraft. There may be something wrong with your copy of Minecraft...

How do you get texture packs for Minecraft?

If You Want To Get Texture Packs For Minecraft, You Can Search A Texture Pack In Google And Download The Texture Pack File And Press Your Start Button On The Screen, And Search Or Press 'Run' For Some Computers And Look For '%appdata%' And Go To .Minecraft And Go To Texture Packs And Put Your File In There. Then Open Minecraft And Appear!

How do you get texture packs for Minecraft 1.7.4?

Download it from planet minecraft

What are Minecraft texture packages?

its texture packs and they change the textures of minecraft. making it look how you please

How to texture packs on minecraft?

I go to

How do you put a texture pack on Minecraft?

When you downloaded the texture pack, it should be in a zip file. You have to put the .zip file into the %appdata%>.minecraft>texture packs if you are a mac user: Your Mac id>Library>application support>minecraft>texture packs. Do not use the Library in the macintosh HD Drive. Then you open up minecraft, then you go into texture packs and mods. Then choose the texture pack, then say ok, then play minecraft :)

What are texture packs in Minecraft?

Texture packs are downloadable files that change the appearance of the game. In minecraft it can change everything from the appearance of the blocks to the mobs and sometimes the default player skin.

What websites do you get Minecraft texture packs?, minecraft forums, or

How do you download Minecraft texture packs?

you can download texture packs from or sites like planet minecraft, and just search for a texture pack. :D(p.s. I prefer the faithful pack)