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the hiker walking out of mount mortar at the nearest entrance to ekruteak

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from a hiker. Mt. Mortar

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Q: Where do you get HM strength in Pokemon soul silver?
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How do you move the boulders around in the ice path Pokemon Soul silver?

Use the HM Strength.

How do you move rocks in Pokemon Silver?


Where is the first place you find hm Strength on Pokemon soul silver?

Walk east of Ecruteak to fin a hiker who gives it to you.

Where do you get strength in Pokemon Soul Silver?

Go to Ecruteak City and then go thru route 42, and a man will come out of the cave and talk to you. Then he will give you HM strength.

Is there a hm deleter on Pokemon soul silver?

There is a move deleter who can make pokemon forget HM moves.

Where can you find fly on Pokemon soul silver?

You don't you have to use an Hm on a Pokemon

Where is the first place where you get hm strength on Pokemon soul silver?

the only place you can get it is route 42... when you enter a hiker will run out of the entrance to mount mortar

Pokemon soul silver how to get to the end of wave island?

you have to get hm whirlpool

How do you move bolders in Pokemon soal silver?

Teach the HM Strength to one of your Pokemon and use Strength on the boulders

Where do you get the TM mean look on Pokemon soul silver?

its not a tm or a hm your pokemon hast to learn it

Where is hm fly in Pokemon soul silver?

HM 02 Fly is with the woman outside Cianwood City Gym.

Where is the hm streangh on pokimon soul silver?

i think you have to go to one of the dark caves and then you crash into a man he will give you a hm strength