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in the bellsprout tower you can catch a gastly

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Q: Where do you get Ghost type Pokémon in Pokémon Crystal?
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Where is the 4th gym leader on Pokemon Crystal?

Morty. He has ghost type Pokemon.

Where can you catch a ghost type in Pokemon crystal?

I believe Gastly is pretty much the only Ghost type you have access to. You can find them on Routes 31, 32, 26, Tin Tower, and Sprout Tower (at night).

Pokmon emarld cheats?


What type is super effective against ghost type Pokemon?

Ghost and Dark-type Pokemon are super effective against Ghost types.

Can you get a legendary Pokmon in Pokmon arcoiris?

Sadly, no. The creators of the game forgot to add in the Pokedex, so trading is impossible without GameShark. :(

What are the release dates for Space Angel - 1962 The Ghost and Crystal Mace 3-6?

Space Angel - 1962 The Ghost and Crystal Mace 3-6 was released on: USA: 1964

What is the most effective type on ghost type Pokemon?

The most effective type on ghost type is ghost. Weird, huh?

What are the Ghost?

Ghost-type Pokemon are weak against Ghost and Dark-type moves.

What is ghost types weaknesses Pokemon diamond?

Ghost type is weak to Ghost type and Dark type moves.

How do you get Arceus in pokmon?

use action replay

What type of crystal is found in kcl crystal?

ionic crystal

What type of Pokemon can beat a ghost type Pokemon in Pokemon black Verizon?

You can beat a ghost type with another ghost type (Like Haunter)