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You can find the tidle key (~) using a usb keyboard or under symbols on the ps3's virtual keyboard. However, I do not think you can use the tidle key to access the game console like on a PC.

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Q: Where do you find the tilde key on the ps3?
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What is the tilde key?

~ is the tilde key.

How do you make the tilde?

Depending on what type of keyboard you have, the Tilde key can be found at the top left, below the Escape key. By pressing both the Shift key and the Tilde key produces '~'.

Where is the tilde key on a keyboard?

its this key ~ but no one knows how to activate it!

Where is the tilide key on keyboard located?

The tilde key is just above the Tab key.

How do you put the tilde key in your name for call of duty?

You Cant Put The Tilde key (~) In Your Name Unless You Have A Spanish German French..... Etc... Except for an English Keyboard.

Where is the backslash on the french keyboard?

press shift and the top left key under the escape key, the tilde key.

How do you enter tilde key on Star Wars Republic Commando PC?

It really depends on your keyboard. On US keyboard layouts, the tilde key (~) is to the left of the 1 key. On UK layouts, it's next to enter. However, if you're asking because you're trying to open the console, then always try the key to the left of 1, regardless of whether it's the tilde or not.

What is a tilde key on the xbox 360 controller?

itd the key with the squiggly line which looks like this ~

Your tilde wont work for cheats in elder scrolls oblivion?

try the tilde over the right hand shift key, if that doesnt work try the key directly above tab to open the console

How do you open the command console for fallot new Vegas?

You press the tilde [~] key

What is the tilde key in 18 wheels of steel American long haul?

its the (~) the button to the right of the number 1 key..

How do you enable your tilde in oblivion?

Sometimes the keymapping is automatically set up for a foreign keyboard. If the tilde key above the right shift button does not work, try pressing the button that's above the tab key, some keymaps have this one set to the tilde.