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itd the key with the squiggly line which looks like this ~

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Q: What is a tilde key on the xbox 360 controller?
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How do you Enter tilde key on red dead revolver-Xbox?

Use a keyboard and then type it in

What is the tilde key?

~ is the tilde key.

Why doesn't the tilde key work in fallout 3?

because the tilde isn't enabled. one way is to go Control Panel> Device Manager> Keyboard> Microsoft eHome MCIR 109 Keyboard Right-click and select uninstall. This won't disable any keyboard functions

Can you get your Xbox 360 DVD key from your Xbox 360 motherboard?

DVD key? I think if you look on the DVD drive itself it may say something about a key.

How do you make the tilde?

Depending on what type of keyboard you have, the Tilde key can be found at the top left, below the Escape key. By pressing both the Shift key and the Tilde key produces '~'.

Where is the tilde key on a keyboard?

its this key ~ but no one knows how to activate it!

How do you extract key from Xbox 360 motherboard?

You can't, at least not yet anyway.

How do you get the third key in shadows episode On sonic the hedgehog xbox 360?

you cant

How can you modify your Xbox to play Xbox 360 games?

you would need to take a xbox and a xbox 360 apart so you can put key parts of the xbox 360 into the xbox but i wouldn't recommend doing it tho cos it would mean every time you turn it on you would have to overwrite 100s of codes but if you do, do it the graphics would be very bad :)

Can you unlock Darth Vader on the Xbox 360 version ofSoulCalibur 4?

use a key No yoda on 360-vader on ps3...

Is playing a PC game as good as if you were to play it on the PS2 or Xbox360 etc?

This is a very controversial subject as some people enjoy gaming on a console such as the xbox or the PS3 much more then on a computer and vise verse, how ever a computer now can be even more powerful then a PS3 or a Xbox 360 making frame rates and response time higher along with graphic quality. PC gaming also offers drivers supporting the Xbox 360 wired controller if you prefer that over a key board or PC controller. On the other side consoles offer perfect compatibility meaning you will never buy a xbox 360 game that won't work on a xbox 360 unless the disk or xbox is damaged. How ever with PC you have to match system specs and have a powerful enough computer to play a game with good graphics and frame rates. So it is all a matter of prefernce.

Is it posssible to open any door with no key on Fallout New Vegas for xbox 360?