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defeat the third gym at goldenrod city then go look for a girl near the shaking tree at route 36 then talk to her then she will gone off then you go to a house beside the gym go in then talk to a girl in a red clothing then she will give you a squirt bottle

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Q: Where do you find the squirt bottle in Pokemon crystal version?
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Where do you get squirt bottle in Pokemon Crystal?

A house in Goldenrod City.

Pokemon Crystal Where DO you Get The Squirt Bottle?

its in haus in Goldenrod city

How do you get a squirt bottle in Pokemon soulsilver version?

go to goldenrod city go to the flower shop and a ladie will give u squirt bottle

Where do you find the squirt bottle on Pokemon gold version?

In Pokemon Gold, the squirt bottle item can be obtained from the flower shop in Goldenrod City. It is only available to the player after the player has defeated the Goldenrod Gym.

How do you use the squirt bottle in Pokemon soul silver?

It is very simple to use the squirt bottle. First, find the sudowoodo, who is the one you want to squirt. Press A on the 'tree', and it will ask you if you want to use the squirt bottle, and that is about it.

Where do you find the squirt bottle in Pokemon gold version?

in Goldenrod city in a little house that's surrounded by flowers there are two girls. One of them will give you the squirt bottle, but you need to beat the gym leader first and have your first 3 badges.

How do you get passed the moving tree in Pokemon gold?

squirt bottle

Pokemon soul silver version how to get the soaker to soak sudowudo battle sudowudo?

1 its called squirt bottle. 2 just press the a button

Where do you find the squirt bottle on Pokemon silver version?

In Goldenrod City, after you beat the Gym leader, go to the house above and to the right of the Gym. A lady in there gives you the Squirtbottle.

How do you cut down a tree with two branches in Pokemon heart gold version?

You beat the Goldenrod City gym leader(Whitney, in SoulSilver), go to the flower shop, get the squirt bottle, go to the tree, squirt the tree, it'll attack you.

Where do you find the squirt bottle in silver?

In Pokemon Silver, to get the squirt bottle, you must have defeated Whitney. Then, go to the Flower Shop in Goldenrod, which is somewhere in the top right section of the town near Whitney's gym. Talk to one of the ladies inside and she will give you the squirt bottle to spray the dancing tree with.

What is that Pokemon blocking your way in Pokemon soul silver?

The Pokemon bocking your way is a Sudowoodo. To battle the Sudowoodo, you must use the Squirt Bottle on it.