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After you get an event on wi-fi or special event he will be in a pokemart

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Q: Where do you find the man with green suite on platinum?
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How do you get the man dressed in green on Pokemon platinum?

get the mystery gift or get a action replay

How do you make that man in the green clothes appear for the azure flute in platinum?

Nintendo random event.

In witch city is there a green man in the pokemart?

In Pokemon Diamond Pearl and Platinum, a man in a green suit can be found in the Pokemarts. He is not in any specific city. He is just in every Pokemart.

Is platinum hard to find?

no man you can find it in ur maw or ur dad's bum

Where can you find a manapy in Pokemon Platinum?

you can't catch it in the wild you have to transfer it from Pokemon ranger or if your lucky enough (like shinies) you might find a green man inside the pokemart of sunyshore or buy a action replay regular edition

Where do you use the secret key in Pokemon platinum that you get from the green man in the shop?

I believe that you go to the kitchen in the Old Chetau.

How do you get the man in a green suite to appear in Pokemon Diamond DS?

The man in the green suit comes only when you activate a Pokemon mystery event (for example if you own Pokemon battle revolution for the wii you can buy things and send them via mystery event to your ds. The green man will then give you whatever you bought.)

What trainer has bagon in Pokemon platinum?

the trainer that has bagon in platinum is at the cave where u find heatran the old man near the entrance to heatran has it

How do you find a black belt in Pokemon platinum?

You can get a black belt from a man in a residence on route 221

What is a green man on Pokemon platinum?

The green man is from action replay.With codes,like arceus code,in Pokemon center it have some cool items.(note:you mast press L+R diring go inside the Pokemon center.)

How After using action replay for shaymin event in platinum how do you get oaks letter?

go into a pokemart hold l + r and a green man will give it to you

What trainers have happiny and what route are they on in Pokemon platinum?

above solaceon town, there is a man in green whohas a elekid and a happiny,or u can breed chansey