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She lives in Goldenrod, in a small, yellow house, to the Right of the Department store. You pass it going to the Bike Shop.

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Q: Where do you find the friendship rater in Pokemon soul silver?
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Where can you find friendship to your pokemon in pokemon soul silver?

goldenrod city in a house there is a lady

How can you change the name of your Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?

Find the name rater.

Where do you find the nickname rater in Pokemon Colosseum?

The name rater is in Agate village in both Colosseum and XD

How can you find the friendship Rater i Pokemon Platinum?

If you're talking about the Poketch app, talk to the girl closet to the door in the Pokemon center of eterna city. If you just want to find out how happy your Pokemon are, talk to Dr. Footstep, somewhere on the beach east of pastoria city.

Where do you change the nickname of a Pokemon in Pokemon Yellow?

Umm you find the name rater in some town i do believe it is in the one with the saffari zone

Where do you rename Pokemon Pokemon black?

You'll find the name rater at Castelia City. It's the building north of Central Plaza on the left.

Where is Mew in Pokemon Silver?

You can't find Mew in Pokemon Silver.

If you nick named a Pokemon can you turn it back to its real name?

You should go and find the Name Rater, then rename it back.

Where is the name rater in platinum?

Eterna City. There is A Building With A Sign That Says,"Name Rater." OR WHATEVER! xD If You Find It Somewhere in Eterna City, I'm Sure You Get To Change Your Pokemon's Nickname! :) Ya Happy Now?

How do you find the SecretPotion on Pokemon Silver?

there is not a secretpotion in Pokemon silver Daniel robertson

Where do you find moltres on Pokemon soul silver?

You find Moltres in Mt. Silver.

Where do you find pupitar in Pokemon Silver?

You don't find it. You find larvitar, which is located at Mt. Silver.