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Umm you find the name rater in some town i do believe it is in the one with the saffari zone

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Q: Where do you change the nickname of a Pokemon in Pokemon Yellow?
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Where to get a nickname in Pokemon Ruby?

when you first catch a Pokemon you can give it a nickname but if you want to change its nickname then you need to go to slateport city and talk to the nickname rater (he will change the name of any of you Pokemon that are in your party)

Can you change the name of a Pokemon you transfered?

You cannot change a pokemon's nickname

Where can you change the nickname of your Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?

Go to the house next to the Poke Mart in Eterna City. Talk to the old man and he will change your pokemon's nickname. Sadly, you cannot change the name of trade pokemon.

Can you change a pokemon's nickname in explorers of sky?


Can you change the nickname of your Pokemon in Pokemon Black or White?

no i don't think so

How can you change your pokemon's nickname in Pokemon FireRed?

You can go to the name rater in Lavender.

Where do you change your Pokémon's nickname in Pokémon white?

You change your pokemon's nickname at the Name Rater, who has a house located in Castelia city

Where can you change the name of your Pokemon in Pokemon leafgreen?

The Name Rater in a house in Lavender Town can change your non-traded Pokemon's nickname.

How do you change a Pokemon's nickname in Pokemon Platinum?

Evolve your pokemon them it will turn to it original name. To change the nickname go to the Name Rater in Eterna City. If you can't change the name, the Pokemon is probably traded. If you want to change the name of a traded Pokemon, trade it back to it's original game and change the name.

IN Pokemon diamond where is that man that lets you change your Pokemon's nickname?

Eterna City I think

How do you change the nickname of your Pokemon on Ruby version?

There is a man in Slateport that will change your pokemon's name.

Where to change your Pokemon nickname black and white?

castelia City