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you have to beat N after the elite four then after the credits you go downstairs and then you see two moms. next a guy comes out of one of the moms and says he forgot to take off his disguise. his name is looker. then he talks about the seven sages and gives you the super rod.

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Q: Where do you find the fishing rod in black?
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Where is the fishing rod in Pokemon Black and White?

You get the fishing rod at your home after the elite four.

The blacksmith won't give me the copper fishing rod on harvest moon ds?

Before you can get a copper fishing rod are you sure you have followed this checklist?1. I Own enough copper to give to the black smith for the Copper fishing rod?2. I have enough experience with my fishing rod that it can be upgraded to copper?3. Do I have enough gold to get my fishing rod upgraded?4. Do I own a fishing rod?If those 4 are ALL complete you should be able to get your fishing rod upgraded.

Where do you get a fishing rod in black?

After finishing the main storyline, Looker gives you the Super Rod in your house.

Why cant you buy the gold fishing rod in tree of tranquility?

Before you can get the gold fishing rod you have to get the silver fishing rod and before you get the silver fishing rod you have to get the copper fishing rod. To get the copper fishing rod you upgrade your regular fishing rod at the general store.

Where do you find the fishing rod in pokemon ruby?

You get your first fishing rod in Dewford town and the best one in mossdeep city. :) !! cheers

Where can you get a Dragonite in Pokemon black?

Dragonspiral Tower, use your fishing rod.

Where do you find the fishing rod on panfu?

In the gift shop

Where do you get the fishing rod in Pokemon emerald?

You find old rod at dewford town You find Good rod at route 118 You find Super rod At Mossdeep town in a building. (Hardest to find)

How do you find bait in minecraft?

If you mean bait for fishing, there is none. You just use the fishing rod.

Where do you find the guy with the fishing rod in Zelda?

in the phone book

Can you find Kyogre on a fishing rod?

Kyogre is only in Pokemon

How do you get a fishing pole in Pokemon Crystal?

you can find the old rod on route 32 or you can find the good rod in olivine city