How do you find bait in minecraft?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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If you mean bait for fishing, there is none. You just use the fishing rod.

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Q: How do you find bait in minecraft?
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How do you bait a hook in Minecraft?

If you have the right bait type for that rod in your inventory, it will bait and cast. Tubescraft

Where can you find the shark bait on adventure quest?

ther is no shark bait

what mice bait is most effective?

You can find mice bait at home improvement stores. You will also be able to ask questions to find the best kind for your needs. Make sure to find bait that meets the needs that you need.

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Where to find undead bait on undead nightmare?

You cant really find undead bait after you first get it in Fort Mercer from West Dickisons. After that you have to make it your self.

Why won't you tell me about Minecraft?

This is not the place to find out about Minecraft. Look at the Minecraft Wiki to find out about the game in general.

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You can find it at the minecraft skindex

Where do you find fishing bait on RuneScape?

at Grand Exchange

Where do you find rabbits on Minecraft?

There are no rabbits in vanilla Minecraft.

Do you sell Minecraft shirts here?

You can find Minecraft gifts and other products directly at the Minecraft website. You can also check online shopping sites such as eBay to find merchandise from Minecraft.

How do you find the bait in G's secret mission?

the bait is the o berries u have to attach the rope to the broken ski then drag the o berrys into that box and theres ur bait!

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