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You gotta go to the rocket game corner, into rockets lair. Make your way throught the floors going down and throught the little speed path mazes unto the last bottom floor. there will be only 1 grunt there, and after you defeat him, he drops the key which you can pick up

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Q: Where do you find the elevator key in the rocket lair in Pokemon LeafGreen?
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Where can you find magmar in pokemon LeafGreen?

you go to mt.ember and go where team rocket is digging a cave.

How do you get into the rocket hideout on five island in Pokemon LeafGreen?

With a special password you find somewhere in the game

How do you get through Team Rocket's hideout on Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen?

you beat somebody, get the lift key, find the way to the elevator, and go to the 4th floor down and beat two trainers to open the wall, best geovonni, and get the silpth scope and come out on the elevator where you came in the 2nd floor down

Where to find pp ups in Pokemon LeafGreen?

A lot can be found in the Celladon Dept Store, or the Rocket Game Corner

Where to find sliph co on Pokemon LeafGreen?

After defeating Giovanni at his Rocket Headquarters in Celadon City he should give it to you.

Where to find a polygon in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Rocket game corner for 6500 coins only way unless trade with a person

Lift key Pokemon LeafGreen?

u use the lift key to access the lift in the team rocket hideout which is located in the game center in celedon open team rocket's hideout push the button behind the lift.hope that helps :-)

Where do you find piplup in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Piplup does not exist in Pokemon LeafGreen or FireRed.

Where can you find wobbafet in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You can get wobbafet in cerelean cave Note. You have to beat the elite 4 first and defeat the rest of team rocket

Can you find cynaquil in Pokemon LeafGreen?

No, you cannot find cyndaquil in LeafGreen.

Pokemon LeafGreen where are locations of hard to find Pokemon in Pokemon leafgreen?

you should go to gamestop

How do you get beat team rocket in saffron city?

get your strongest pokemon and fight the grunts find the grunt with the elevator key and then giovanni has a rhyhorn a kangaskhan and a rhydon