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Chargestone Cave. It is a considerably hard pokemon to find so don't lose patience if you don't find it right away!

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Q: Where do you find the Pokemon tynamo in Pokemon white version?
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How do you find Electrike on Pokemon White?

You cant just level tynamo to 39

Where do you find tynamo in black?

chargestone cave if your talking bout pokemon black

Where do you find Eelektrik in Pokemon White?

You can't find Eelektrik. You have to evolve a tynamo, which can be found in Chargestone Cave (it only has a 2-8% appearance rate)

Where can you find vullaby in Pokemon White?

You cannot find Vullaby in Pokemon White Version. It is exclusive to Pokemon Black as Rufflet is to Pokemon White.

How do you find elektrik in Pokemon black?

You have to evolve tynamo to get an elektrik. Tynamo is found in the chargestone cave. It is extremely rare so good luck.

Where to find gible in Pokemon White version?

You can't find gible in pokemon white. You must trade it.

Can you find whirpool in Pokemon White version?


Where can you find a houndour in Pokemon White version?

in white forest

How do you find genesct on Pokemon white version?

it's an event pokemon

When to find Articuno in Pokemon white version 2?

You cannot find it in white 2

Where do you find Hyper Beam in Pokemon white version?

you find it at the mall

Where to find zigzagoon in Pokemon White?

Zigzagoon is not found during normal gameplay in Pokemon White Version.