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You can only get Snorlax by evolving Munchlax.

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Q: Where do you find the Pokemon Snorlax in Pokemon platinum?
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Where to find the leftovers in Pokemon platinum?

thieve it off snorlax

Where do you find Snorlax in Pokemon platinum?

you should go to youtube for this qeustion

What Pokemon has yawn in Pokemon Platinum?

uxie,hippotas,hippodon and snorlax(yes he is in platinum).

What should I replace houndoom with in Pokemon platinum?

a snorlax

Where do you get a Snorlax in Pokemon Platinum?

I think after you get the National Dex in Sunnyshore City you can Surf to the 'Pokemon Statue' and press 'A' against it and Snorlax will appear.

Pokemon platinum where is muchlax?

To find munchlax put honey on a tree and wait until a munchlax appears or breed snorlax.

How do you get a munchlax in Pokemon platinum?

Give a male snorlax a full incense and put it in the daycare with a ditto or a female snorlax Or u can put honey on a honey tree but u will rarely find a munchlax

Best 6 Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?

Personally, I like Togekiss, Snorlax, Blissey, Leafeon and others

What Pokemon uses block in Pokemon Platinum?

Snorlax, and Sudowodo can. But Mean Look has the same effect. Zubats and Gastlys can have meanlook.

What does full incense do in Pokemon platinum?

it will let you breed munchlax's without the full incence you will get snorlax

What Pokemon is after Snorlax in the shinoe pokedex and where do you find it?

Snorlax is number 113 and is in your rivals party at the Pokemon League when you battle. The Pokemon after Snorlax is 114 and is called Unown and can be found in the Solaceon Ruins.

Where do you find munchlax in Pokemon Platinum?

Platinum: Spread honey on a honey tree. Pearl: Spread honey on a honey tree. Diamond:Sread honey on a honey tree. To get a Snorlax, you have to level up Munchlax with high friendship (in pearl,diamond, and platinum)