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There's no such HM in the game.

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Q: Where do you find the HM mean look in heart gold?
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Where can you find a Golbat with mean look in Pokemon heart gold?

in mt silver or any other big cave

Does mean look ever wear off on heart gold?


Pokemon heart gold mean look zubat?


Pokemon Heart Gold does umbreon learn mean look?


What level does umbreon learns mean look in heart gold?

Level 57

What level does jynx learn mean look in pokemon heart gold?

at level 35

Where is growith on Pokemon SoulSilver?

do you mean growlithe? you can't get them in soul silver, only available in heart gold, where, im not sure where to find them in heart gold.

Can you catch entie in heart gold but not using mean look?

no you can not if you use wrap he will run by useing roar but yes with meanlook

How do you get Entei in Pokemon Heart Gold?

you use mean look then through master balls use them or use a utra ball.

What does Allysha mean?

It means gorgeous give of the jungle who has a heart of gold

What r all of the moves haunter knows in Pokemon heart gold?

i dont no all but its shadow claw shadow ball mean look sneak and maybe snatch. if u need raiku or entei use mean look and then battle, it works good

What does 1 G mean on your heart necklace?

1 G on a heart necklace typically represents 1 gram of gold, indicating that the necklace is made of gold and contains 1 gram of gold in its weight.