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No one in game play will trade a Minccino, but on GTS you might be able to get some luck.

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Q: Where do you find someone to trade a minccino on Pokemon black?
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Where do you buy rage candy bars for Pokemon black?

Go to driftvell town and trade minccino for basculin. The basculin you get will be holding it.

Where do you trade the min chino in Pokemon Black?

You can trade a Minccino in Driftveil City for a red-striped Basculin. (blue-striped Basculin in Pokemon White) It is in the house with the elderly man and a youngster. The youngster is offering the Basculin.

Where do you catch tornadus in Pokemon White?

Trade with someone with Pokemon Black.

How do you get Reshiram in Pokemon White with no cheats?

trade with someone from pokemon black

How do you get a tournadus on Pokemon white?

trade with someone who has black

Can you catch tornadus in Pokemon white?

No, you need to get someone to trade it to you from Pokemon Black.

Can people that have dsi and black Pokemon trade with someone that has pearl Pokemon?


What is the code for Zekrom in Pokemon black?

There is no code you trade with someone who has Pokemon white

How do you evolve a rhydon Pokemon Black and White?

trade it to someone

Where do you get Reshiram on Pokemon White?

Reshiram is exclusive to Pokemon Black. You will need someone to trade it to you.

Do you get Zekrom in Pokemon Black?

It is only found in Pokemon White, so you will have to get someone to trade it.

Where do you get Rufflet in Pokemon black?

You will need someone to trade it from Pokemon White, as it is a version exclusive.