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you can cheat and capture N's reshiram or else you must trade one from pokemon black

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Q: Where do you find reshiarm in Pokemon white?
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Does Pokemon White you find Zekrom and black you find the white Pokemon?

Yes. You find zekrom in Pokemon white and the white Pokemon in Pokemon black.

Where can you find vullaby in Pokemon White?

You cannot find Vullaby in Pokemon White Version. It is exclusive to Pokemon Black as Rufflet is to Pokemon White.

Where can you find scyther on Pokemon White?

You cannot find a scyther in Pokemon white

Where do you find ghetis in Pokemon Black and White?

At the white forest. You can only find him in pokemon white.(I think);)

Where do you find Pokemon electrowire in Pokemon White?

Its no pokemon that names Electrowire on Pokemon White..

Where do you find visioron on Pokemon White?

Virizion is for pokemon black. You can find Cobalion in white.

How do you find a Bunery Pokemon White?

You can't find a buneary in pokemon black and white.

Where to find rapidash on Pokemon White?

You cant find it in Pokemon White. You can only find it in Kanto and Sinnoh.

Where can you find celbi in Pokemon Black and White?

You cannot find Celebi in-game in Pokemon Black and White. You must get it from the Pokemon Black and White Tour.

Can you find Gary in Pokemon White?

No you cannot find Gary in Pokemon black/white but you can find him in the kanto region.

What pokemon can you find in the white forest in the game pokemon white?


Where to find white forest in pokemon black?

White forest is only in pokemon white.