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You can find relicanth on route 4

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Q: Where do you find relicanth in Pokemon black?
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Does relicanth evovle in Pokemon black?

No, Relicanth does not evolve.

Where do you find relicanth in unova?

You can find them in Route 4 of Pokemon Black and White 1 & 2.

Where do you get relicanth in Pokemon black?

In Route 4, when you fish in rippling water. There's a 60% of it being Relicanth.

How and where do you catch relicanth on Pokemon sapphire?

You find relicanth underwater near sootopolis city.

What does relichanth evolve at in Pokemon Black and White?

Relicanth does not evolve.

Where can you find a relicanth in Pokemon Sapphire?

near sootopolist

How do you catch relicanth in Pokemon white and black?

You can't catch Relicanth. You have to trade from Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire or any other game that has him captured.

Where can you find relicanth on Pokemon emerald?

Relicanth, a Pokemon essential for obtaining The legendary Golems, can be found underwater, just outside of the entrance to Sootopolis. Its pretty rare.

What type of Pokemon is relicanth?

Relicanth is a Rock and Water type pokemon.

How do you get a relicanth in Pokemon ruby?

Dive somewhere on the sea routes and in the grass down there you can sometimes find relicanth along with clampearl.

Where is relicanth located in Pokemon emerald?


Where do you find a relicanth in Pokemon emerald?

on Routes 204/205/206