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Go to the museum in Pewter City. Beside the museum there's a building, use cut, go inside, talk to the guy standing next to a stand, and he will give it to you.

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Q: Where do you find old amber in Pokemon FireRed?
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What is the old amber for in Pokemon FireRed?

The old amber is the fossil of aerodactel go to cinnibar island to ressurect him/her

Where can you get an old amber in Pokemon Emerald?

This item only exists in firered and leafgreen.

Where do you find the Old Sea Chart in Pokemon FireRed?

You can't find the Old Sea Chart in FireRed.

What Pokemon can you get with an old amber in Pokemon Platinum?

The Pokemon Aerodactyl can be obtained from the Old Amber. You can find the Old Amber from the Underground. Take it to the Mining Museum in Oreburgh City to obtain Aerodactyl.

Can you get grimer with the old rod in Pokemon FireRed?

No you find it in Pokemon mansion.

Where do you find the old rod in Pokemon firered?

It is at vermilion city.

Where can you find an Old Amber fossil in the underground on Pokemon diamond?

in eterna city

Where to find strength in Pokemon FireRed Pokemon?

in the safari z ou will find old warrens teeth in that city find his house and he will give the hm to you

Where do you find the tea in Pokemon FireRed?

In Celadon mansion, there's an old lady there that gives it to you.

Pokemon platinum what does an old amber fossil reveal?

the old amber reveals aridactul

How do you get Old Amber in Pokemon dp?

Go underground, keep looking and SURELY you'll find it.

What do you do with the old amber in pokemon firered?

You have to go to Cannibar island and go into the factory with the old man in front of it go inside head to the last room give the scientist the fossil and he'll give you an arodactyl