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You can't find the Old Sea Chart in FireRed.

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Q: Where do you find the Old Sea Chart in Pokemon FireRed?
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How do you beat the Elite Four in Pokemon FireRed the second time?

you can go and catch mew and go find the old sea chart

Where is the old calendar in Pokemon leafgreen or firered to get mew?

no old calendar. old sea chart. you have to go to a Nintendo event to get it

Can you get grimer with the old rod in Pokemon FireRed?

No you find it in Pokemon mansion.

Where do you find the old rod in Pokemon firered?

It is at vermilion city.

How do you catch mew at Pokemon FireRed?

can't but you can get one from emerald if you have the old sea chart and catch mew at faraway island.

How do you get the old sea chart in Pokemon Emerald Ruby Sapphire FireRed and LeafGreen?

action replay or gameshark, if you havnt been to the Nintendo event

Where to find strength in Pokemon FireRed Pokemon?

in the safari z ou will find old warrens teeth in that city find his house and he will give the hm to you

Where do you find the tea in Pokemon FireRed?

In Celadon mansion, there's an old lady there that gives it to you.

Were do you get strength on Pokemon FireRed Pokemon?

you get it after you find the old mans golden teeth the old man is in the house next to the fishermans house (in fuchia city) you find the teeth in the safari zone near wear you get surf

Where is the old chateau in Pokemon firered?

The old chateau is in diamond and pearl

Where to find the Old Sea Chart in Pokemon emerald version?

By Nintendo events or by mixing records with someone that has one

Where is the factory on cinnabar island on Pokemon firered?

it means the Pokemon mansion.its an old factory