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you type in the chat box /join punt you can acess the shop any more

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Q: Where do you find moglin punter in aqw?
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Where do you find moglin punter in aqw for non members in 2010?

Just /join punt.

What is the moglin punter password?


What is the moglin punting code?

kthxHat! you must enter the ! as well

What is the secret level code on moglin punter?

kthxhat! is the answer. make sure to add the "!"

What is the password that you get when you get all perfect on Moglin Punter?

kthxhat! P.S. You have to put the exclamation mark, or else it will not work!

Where can you found moglin punter in aqw?

write in talking bar /join punt, yes but now in 2011 and up you can't they wont allow you to type /join punt to get there and there is no other way to get there.

Where is the prizemaster in falconreach?

The prize master is twilly. when you click on him its gonna say minigame prizes click on it and write the moglin punter password.

Give you some Dragon Fable miniprizes passwords?

You can get the Twig and Twilly Moglin Punter Helms and Zordak if you have Dragon Amulet by talking to twilly in Falconreach and then when it gives you a text bar enter kthxhat! this will open up the Moglin shop.

On aqw where do you get golden moglin suit?

ok follow these set of rules to unlock the new shop for major moglin: 1.make sure you have completed all of the frostvale tasks(NOTICE:this is the first Christmas on 2010 aqw) 2.find the 4 pages for the presents 3.after that the last moglin you found will have the button frostvale shop it and it will take you to the shop 5.there you have it, to make yourself so happy grab ur d!ck, go up down up down and you will be happy Merry Xmas!!=D

Where do you get the glacier helm present in AQW?

Well i think its in northlands,where the water draconcian is.if u dont knw where th water draconcian is then do the quest to get to him,after that go left and u will find tinsel (a moglin)

What is the password to open moglin shop?

okay, im not going to tell you the answere but how to get it i will tell you. (I have the reward) to get it you need perfect in every level of moglin punter and you unlock the bonus level you can get the cake easy in that one you don't need perfect but i got it anway! for more help go to the battleon forums and they will tell you the angle and power to get perfect in every level!

Where is the moglin forest on adventure

to get to the moglin forest you have to talk to twilly, say hello and then click moglin forest